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Wholly Shift Live is a transformational event for entrepreneurs, artists, and visionaries who are already operating on the cutting edge.

Here you’ll receive advanced BodyMind training, shift years worth of blocks, and foster deep connections with fellow game-changers across the globe.

This intimate event attracts amazing men and women who know their bodies, have faced their fears, have practiced yoga, drank their green juices, chanted, meditated, vision-boarded — and are ready to take it to the next level of magic.




Wholly Shift Live is much more than listening to lectures and taking notes, it’s about total immersion. The weekend is highly experiential, engaging your mind, body and spirit for a true ‘wholly shift’.  Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, looking for your next business idea, or love operating on the cutting edge, this experience will show you the way.

When you look to highly successful entrepreneurs and visionaries, they will all tell you the same thing: Their secret to success isn’t the latest marketing tactic or some genius money-making strategy (though that stuff definitely helps!). It’s always “something internal”. At Wholly Shift Live, you’ll get to experience the unique wisdom that is mapped into your personal internal code and sets you apart from everyone else.


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Hi, I’m Laura Hames Franklin, founder of Universal Health Principles and known in the online space as “The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon”.

What do I do? In a nutshell, I rewire your body and brain. I’ve taken years of mind-body trainings & certifications — all based in science — and connected the dots to create my own method of connecting you to that deep inner wisdom. And what I have discovered this:


After 10 years of working with clients, with physicists, and with the top online marketing experts, it’s clear to me that you can’t have the money, the frenzied fan-base, the loving relationship, the vibrant health, the body, etc. without starting with YOU.


You are 99.9999% energy, information, s p a c e. Information is like your inner “code”. You know, kind of like a website.

And whatever you’ve been working your whole life to overcome is mapped into your DNA.

What I do? Is give your body a system upgrade so you can release your patterns and take a quantum leap into another state of existence.


The state where you can master your business, your body, and your mind.

Think of me as the Universe’s IT guy….

but with a sparkly magic wand instead of nerdy belt clip

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How are we going to play at Wholly Shift Live?

In order to spring into your Superhuman self, it’s essential to uplevel your connection to your Mind, Body, Spirit, and the Universe….together.

When you connect that inner wisdom and the wisdom of the Universe?
It transforms everything: your business, your love life, your creativity, your health, your body, your physical appearance, your relationships – everything.

Throughout the weekend, we’ll play in each element using cutting-edge mind-body practices:


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Learn how to tune into your Mind-Body-Universe connection -- to a deeper level -- to get answers to everything from which route to take to the gym, how to deal with your Mother-in-Law, and how to tune into your ideal clients’ deepest desires when writing them an email.

We’ll talk about the cool science behind meditation then you’ll get to experience it yourself. Be prepared to have visions, receive powerful downloads, and feel your body buzzing with light & energy.

Usually, people only learn about their body after something’s gone wrong. In this society, we’re taught that it’s normal to break. Not here: you’ll learn about the body’s amazing healing capacities and how to grow younger not older.

You’ll learn why praying, talking to trees, and vision-boarding don’t always work. There is a BIGGER intelligence at work. How can you sync up with what you want and what the Universe wants for you? Find out at Wholly Shift Live.

Through cutting-edge techniques, you’ll learn the power of imagery to ease tension, heal injuries, and really see what’s happening in your body. This practice will blow your yoga, pilates, and dance practice RIGHT open!

You will not have to worry about getting in a workout - movement is a big part of Wholly Shift Live! We’ll combine our imagery techniques with Franklin Method-inspired movement with bands, balls, and dance!

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This is the first time I’m sharing these practices with people who aren’t private clients.

If you:

keep hearing your friends raving about this cool “Wholly Shift thing”, that I helped them give over sh*t that’s been plaguing them for years, or you’re just curious about “what the heck does this Laura girl do?!”,

now is your chance. This will be an immersion weekend like no other.

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What can I expect during
& after Wholly Shift Live?

The experiences of clients who attend my retreats include but aren’t limited to:

  • creating more than you ever had before…without the “burn-out”
  • game-changing business opportunities showing up out of nowhere
  • the ability to drop sugar, alcohol, gluten, from your diet without even trying
  • your digestive system working as efficiently as your Vitamix
  • breathing deeper than you ever have before
  • loose, putty-like shoulders (you may even cancel your next massage appointment)
  • total and complete trust in your body’s ability to heal itself
  • the most kick-ass handstands, twirls, kicks, and lunges you’ve ever had

And a deeper connection to this community of leaders, change-makers, and visionaries.

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